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Kaaboo in Review
Dwight Worden | City Council Member

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1. I’m advised that, in response to noise complaints Friday night, some speakers were turned off for Saturday. Not sure about Sunday.

2. Del Mar received noise complaints from a variety of locations, including several from all the way in Carmel Valley on Sunday. Apparently wind and humidity conditions on Sunday facilitated this kind of noise travel. Many people also complained they could not get a live person on the hotline--they got an answer machine--notwithstanding pre-event assurances a live person would answer who could address issues immediately.

3. I did not go into the event (I declined the offered free tickets) but reports from those who did go in were, generally, that it was well run, good food, etc.
4. We do not yet know the attendance figures, but all indications are it was down from Kaaboo’s predictions--they estimated 30,000-40,000 per day and our best guesstimates are they got about 20,000. 5. The Del Mar council will be getting a report from city staff on the specifics of attendance, noise complaints, etc. so consider the info in this email preliminary.

Bottom Line: Most things seemed well managed, except the noise impacts to Del Mar and some other areas, and the complaint hotline. For next year we need to see if we can improve noise management and keep the things that worked well in good shape as the attendance ramps up.

There is a 4-minute Video of KAABOO shot by Dwight Worden from various locations in Del Mar on Saturday, September 19 here: www.delmarsandpiper.org/#kaaboovideo


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