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PASEO Problems Persist
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

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Traffic and delayed emergency services remain big issues for Del Mar area residents despite a new, reduced One Paseo plan being showcased by the developer. That is what Kilroy Realty, who is meeting with area planning boards to both get and report on input, is hearing at their “dialogue” with residents. The dialogue includes meetings with a working group of community representatives, a workshop with the Carmel Valley Planning Board that attracted almost 200 participants and an online virtual workshop comment period that was extended from Sept. 2 to Sept 9.

Del Mar took advantage of the extension to submit their ongoing concerns despite “appreciation for an effort to work more closely with the community and revise the project. The project still lacks meaningful public transit…We question how the revised …project can be found consistent with the community plan absent some effort to implement …public transit. We urge adoption of an east-west bus service to move forward with One Paseo.”

Residents question claims that new light technologies will improve emergency response times.

FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICE. Del Mar voiced concern that the revised project will have adverse and unmitigated impacts on Del Mar emergency services. With the addition of One Paseo the number of emergency service calls in the area will increase significantly the City points out, emphasizing that the Del Mar station is back up to the Carmel Valley station which serves the Heights and Del Mar Terrace. The Torrey Pines Planning Group (the Heights and Terrace neighborhoods within San Diego City limits) echoed the same concerns. They were skeptical that the promise of a synchronized light technology will allow emergency vehicles to cross the Del Mar Heights Rd. I-5 overpass without compromising response times. They cited the F level of service (traffic jam status) projected for the overpass in the project’s Environmental Impact Report and suggested that an additional emergency response truck for Del Mar be part of a new One Paseo project.

Kilroy went back to the drawing board after a successful referendum and two lawsuits forced the San Diego City Council to retract their Feb. 23 approval of a larger 1.4 million sq ft mixed use project. The new, reduced One Paseo is about 1.2 million sq feet but, according to Kilroy, the 50% reduction in retail and office space brought the traffic count down 40% to 14,000 average daily trips compared to the original 24,000. Residential units take up the same amount of square footage and, according to Kilroy; the inclusion of affordable housing is still on the table.

Go to www.delmarsandpiper.org for up-to-date information including a date for the next Carmel Valley Planning Board meeting.


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