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Lightning Action Saves Crest 
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo Road

Crest Canyon, Photo Bill Morris.  Click on image to enlarge.

You might have learned by now, about the lightning strike that started a fire in Crest Canyon on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago when a huge storm passed through our region.

Several residents who live near the canyon heard the strike and swiftly ran to check for possible fires. We are lucky they acted quickly, for a fire had ignited several trees. They immediately called 9-1-1, and were shocked to be unable to get through for almost 5 minutes. The system was overloaded due to the multiple lightning strikes in the region. Once alerted, our Fire Dept responded instantly, but as they approached the growing blaze, the heavens opened and a huge downpour put out the fire. Whew!

We are so very fortunate to have a first-rate emergency response system in our area, but however well our City is prepared, no one can predict idiosyncrasies, unpredictable weather or other circumstances beyond our control.
The experts insist that the best line of defense to be ready for any disaster is by planning ahead of time. The key is taking the initiative to assemble emergency supplies and making a plan of action for your own family, household and neighborhood.

Here in Del Mar, we have a wealth of helpful resources to help us prepare ahead along with guidelines for action should a disaster occur. Please check our City of Del Mar web-site at www.delmar.ca.us, scroll down to “Public Safety,” choose “Emergency Preparedness,” and you will find a myriad of different helpful tips and suggestions. You will find a 17-minute video made by our own Del Mar TV called “Are You Ready,” which will supply you with clear and simple steps to take in many sorts of disasters and also includes an easy explanation of how and when to turn off utilities.

For those residents who want to step up to the challenge, our Fire Department offers a 24 hr lay volunteer program called CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). This program trains and certifies interested residents to give modified help in their own neighborhood should a disaster occur, if 1st responders are overwhelmed with calls. Please see the City web-site under “Public Safety” for more info. For residents who think they might need help during a disaster, please contact the Del Mar Community Connections office for information on the NEST program (Neighborhood Emergency Support Team) at 858 792-7565.


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