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Winston’s 20-20 Vision 
Dave Druker | 10th Street

The Winston School Entrance. Photo Bill Morris. 
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The Winston School was founded in 1988 and leased the former site of the Del Mar Shores Elementary School site from the Del Mar Union School District.

When Del Mar purchased the Del Mar Shores property we negotiated a lease agreement requiring a development plan by December 2019.

The current site includes classrooms, office and a multi-purpose room, which is used as an auditorium for concerts and plays and a meeting room. In total 21-28 rooms. Winston plans to create a larger space which could include fixed seating if there were a joint fundraising effort with Del Mar.

According to Headmaster Mike Peterson official fund raising will not begin until 2020 – once the plans are finalized and approved by the City. He looks forward to engaging the community in the planning effort over the next few years. Peterson says.

“We are constantly fundraising to support the amazing programs we offer here at Winston. In terms of a formal fundraising campaign to support campus redevelopment projects, we intend to begin the ‘quiet phase’ prior to our December 2019 deadline for presentation of plans to the City Council. Once we begin sharing our plans publicly, we will announce a broader campaign to kick off late in the year 2020.”

Asked by the Sandpiper how the public at large will be engaged in the planning process Peterson replied: “Absolutely. The Winston School has strived to be a great neighbor, and we have always prided ourselves on having an open line of communication with both the community and the city of Del Mar. We would envision several small, intimate meetings, possibly hosted by friends and neighbors, so we could hear individual hopes and concerns, as well as a formal public presentation. We are still years away from anything final being decided but public engagement will be a hallmark of our plan.”


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