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DMTV Presents: Being Waterwise 
Luana Karr | DMTV

Summer is waning and the kids are heading back to school. If you postponed summer projects due to the heat and are now contemplating getting those crossed off your list. Del Mar T.V. has some water saving tips. Tune in to our three-part series “Being Waterwise.”

In the first segment, Linda Chisari, Del Mar resident and landscape designer, discusses the drought tolerant plants that are suitable to our Mediterranean climate. You can see pictures and it may help you to decide what type of plants and color you would like to arrange in your yard.

In part two of the 3-part series, Lawrence O’Leary, from Cuyamaca College, discusses how to use landscape water wisely. He explains about improving your soil which in turn increases your water savings, and what to think about when you consider your landscape needs such as soil, esthetics, and controllers for water conservation.

In part three Stuart Spaulding, a certified irrigation manager, discusses sprinkler products and systems and controllers that can help achieve your conservation goals.

So enjoy our great weather and keep in mind the water conservation efforts we all need to make and tune in to gain some great ideas on plants, soil improvement and more. You can view our videos on the Del Mar T.V.


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