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Locavores’ Delight:
You say tomato, I say ..... 
Valerie Fanning | Forest Way

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If you haven’t already enjoyed the fresh tomatoes from the Del Mar Farmers Market now is the time to do so as summer is winding down. The late summer tomatoes are at their finest: sweet and delicious. You can find all types, sizes, colors and shapes of tomatoes at the market. Cherry tomatoes, heirloom cherry tomatoes, yellow, purple, green and red heirlooms, the biggest, reddest beefsteak tomatoes, giant plum tomatoes. Check out these Market farm stands to pick up your selection: Valdivia, Schaner, Blue Heron and Kawano. Enjoy a simple salad of tomato slices with salt and pepper. If you buy too many, just roast in the oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper or top a pizza. Don’t miss out!


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