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The Pole Story 
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

Story Poles above City Hall-Town
Hall site. Photo Jeff Barnouw. 
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Some people were alarmed by the array of poles and lines right along the street-front and at the western rim of the upper parking lot at the southern end of the City Hall property. That was because they took them to be story poles. They didn’t know the story they were supposed to tell, or the story behind them. It should have been obvious they were not “storey poles,” which most people take to be designators of how high, broad and deep a given building will be. (In fact, as I just learned from Bob Vila on the internet, a “storey pole” is a measure - a physical standard like a board - specific to a given building or even to a particular storey that helps carpenters keep the proportions.)

Fact: The poles and line along the street-front show the code maximum allowable height of 14’ [14 feet] from the height of the curb. The poles and line at the back of the upper lot show the 26’ (26 foot) height limit measured from the lower level parking lot.

Earlier this year the City had us wondering what a series of various polls meant. (Remember “This is not an Election!”?) Now at least we have a certifiable interpretation of the current poles.


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