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Countdown to Civic Center Construction 
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

Our new City Hall project continues to move along with a great deal of community support. The Design Review Board (DRB) has completed a preliminary review of building materials, site development, building elevations, and refinements to massing. The formal DRB hearing is scheduled for November. The draft EIR is scheduled for its 45-day public review period starting September 7.

Getting ready for the start of construction in early 2016, the City Council has approved plans for temporary relocation of City Hall staff until completion. A survey of all likely office spaces in town found nothing for this temporary time period. Other public spaces would not accommodate the temporary buildings needed.
The most appropriate site for this interim use was determined to be the Shores Lower Parking Lot. It is convenient, accessible, and would be the lowest installation cost. Two buildings will be located at the site of the former school maintenance building. Some storage will need to be handled off site. Minimum code requirements for parking spaces will be met.

Staff is working with Winston School staff to coordinate parking, traffic flow, and operational schedules. Some neighbors have complained that the operation will be disruptive to their neighborhood. Staff is working with them to identify steps to minimize negative impacts.

Staff is preparing a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for the temporary location for submission to the Coastal Commission for approval.

This temporary site is planned for use for no longer than four months after completion of our new City Hall.


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