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Bud Emerson | Klish Way

TBID Results ?
Five years ago Del Mar created the Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID). TBID, governed by all of Del Mar’s hotel managers, was authorized to collect 1% of every hotel room booking. During those five years this board spent $846,748 for sales and marketing with “uncertain results” according to a Finance Committee analysis.

TBID is now requesting a 10-year renewal, but the City Council expressed reluctance to a renewal for more than a year or two without some measurement reporting on accomplishments and the ability to “re-open” the authorization if certain metrics are not met.

September 18-20
According to Ira Sharp, TPAC (Traffic & Parking Advisory Committee) they are now predicting 30,000 a day instead of 40,000; Kaaboo has been saying 70 or 80 Sheriff’s deputies would be patrolling but Sheriff Captain Adams-Hydar said she has only 40 deputies. They will be there in two shifts, with a half hour overlap. They will be aggressively looking for people who are drunk or high, and arresting them. Instead of taking them to Vista at time of arrest, which ties up a deputy for three hours, they have a holding pen on the grounds, and they will all be moved at the same time.

According to City Manager Scott Huth, the City is treating this 3-day event similarly to how we staff up for the 4th of July. We will have two (2) additional Sheriff’s deputies assigned to Del Mar between 10am-3am. The City staff will include the Park Ranger, several parking enforcement staff, extra lifeguards, traffic control/maintenance staff, and several City department heads, supervisors, and City Manager’s Department staff (including himself) that will be in the City before, during and after the event. These staff will be monitoring and displaying a high visual presence and deterrent to inappropriate activity/behavior. We will be actively following up on calls and patrolling to respond/prevent parking violations, loitering, illegal sleeping/camping in all areas, and traffic control/enforcement.
For those interested in attending visit www.kaaboodelmar.com/

Del Mar Safety
Barry Entous of the Finance Committee reports that the council decided not to hire a Community Service Officer (CSO) as recommended by the Finance Committee. Instead the Council will wait until mid-September for the independent report by Ralph Anderson & Associates which have been hired to address the city’s safety issues. The consultants hired are the same consulting firm that reported to council on the effectiveness of the Sheriff contract, and the feasibility of establishing our own police department. Their current report will address the Ranger program, a possible hybrid enforcement department, and the updating of the 2013 study to establish the city’s own police department.


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