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MOPping Up Paseo
Diana Scheffler | Boquita Drive

Diana Sheffler, Mitigate One Paseo founder, in action.

What the news has not always made clear is that pressure to rescind approval of One Paseo came in part from the two CEQA lawsuits that were filed against the City of San Diego after their certification of the Environmental Impact Report for the project. One of those suits was filed by owners of the Del Mar Highlands Town Center, a developer also with deep pockets, and to whom we are grateful for support of our position. But the second suit was filed by three community groups, including Mitigate One Paseo (MOP) – made up of residents in Del Mar Heights, Del Mar Terrace, Del Mar and Solana Beach as well as school district and County Emergency Medical Services representatives.

Much has been said about big money behind the scenes, but this suit is evidence that community members were willing to put their own money behind the fight against the traffic that would have altered our lives. A different One Paseo will be brought before the people through the Carmel Valley Community Planning Group, the San Diego Planning Commission and the City Council. Whether it is sufficiently different to meet the requirement that Kilroy wait a year before filing a similar project remains to be seen. But the project will be constrained by the terms of the settlement: a balanced mixed-use project with reduced bulk and scale and traffic impact of no more than half of that in the original proposal.

MOP’s reason for being was to make sure the effects of One Paseo beyond Carmel Valley were understood. In summing up the City Council action, Council President, Sherri Lightner said, “… the revised project should incorporate the constructive feedback provided by the four community planning groups and the surrounding jurisdictions most directly affected by the project.” Let’s make sure this does happen.
Thanks to: Bob Semmer and Alex Kwoka who were instrumental in enabling our suit to go forward; Torrey Pines residents and founding members of MOP who worked so hard to foster MOP’s goals; MOP allies throughout the region who wrote letters, met with City Council members, and spoke at the hearings; and everyone on our extended mailing list who have given time, money, attended meetings, written letters, and spoken up at City Council. You all share in this demonstration that people count.


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