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Roving Teen Reporter:
See You in September!
Leah Gans | Hoska Lane

Students start to plan their summers long before summer actually starts, so that they can create a fun-filled and unforgettable break from school. One of the best things to do is travel and see the world. I asked some of my friends what their plans were for this summer. The responses included jaw-dropping experiences that high school students did not have access to 50 years ago.

Roving Teen Reporter Leah Gans. Photo Art Olson
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LJCDS junior Uma shared, “I’m going to Nicaragua for community service. I’m going with 20 kids from La Jolla Country Day and we’re going to help fix up a school. We are also going to talk to farmers about what their lives are like and what we can do to help. We also will be talking to children in Nicaragua with diabetes and how different organizations have helped their cause.”

On the other hand, CCHS sophomore Cole told me that “this summer, I’ll be traveling around the United States to look at different colleges. First, I’ll be driving up the coast of California with my family, so we can look at some of the schools here. Then later, around mid July, my family and I will be going to New York to look at different schools on the East Coast. After New York, we’re going to visit schools in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as New Orleans, Louisiana.”

CCA senior Tom told me that he was spending his last summer before college traveling to Australia. “I’m going on my own, without my mom or dad, which will be a good experience since I’ve never flown alone. But once I’m there, I’ll be with some of my family. When I’m there, I’m going to be working at a café near the beach, which I’m so excited about because when I’m done with work for the day I’ll get to go to the beach. I’m also very excited to go somewhere I’ve never been and see things I’ve never seen.”

It seems like everyone is traveling this summer, and I’m no exception. I’m excited to be going to Florence in the next few days. I’ve never been to Italy, so it will be a very new and, hopefully, cool experience. I’m going to be there for a few weeks on a pre-college enrichment program, which should give me a chance to get very familiar with the culture. This will be my second time traveling with this group, as I did a similar program with them in Barcelona last summer studying Spanish. In Florence, I will be studying photography and exploring the city. These programs are an amazing way to grow my abilities and to open my eyes to other cultures around the world. I only wish I had more summers left to spend doing more of these programs in more parts of the world, but I know that the next big adventure – college – is right around the corner. Have a great summer!


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