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“Lone Ranger” Rides Again
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court

Photo courtesy Adam Chase
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Two or three years ago we interviewed Adam Chase and referred to him as the “Lone Ranger” recognizing that Adam is Del Mar’s sole law enforcement and sworn peace officer. In addition to discussing his work - overseeing 2.5 miles of beach, parks, lagoons, preserve and waterways- he told of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security at Penn State University with an emphasis upon “Public Health Preparedness and Education.”

The University’s program is a demanding one, delivered exclusively online, and catering to the needs of working professionals, particularly those involved in one or another aspect of civil security. It is unique in as much as the curricula is administered by the Penn State College of Medicine and caters to those wishing to develop the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to natural and man-made disasters.

This week Officer Chase completed his Master’s Degree and attended the University’s graduation ceremony. The degree, no doubt, will prove exceptionally relevant given growing concerns related to global terrorism, the openness of the Region to outside influences, the frequency of both man-made and natural disasters, and the struggle to implement requirements of effective homeland security.

“I plan to stay in Del Mar as long as it needs me,” explains Adam. “Specifically, I hope that I have the opportunity to apply what I learned about Homeland Security. My Master’s degree was granted by the Medical School at the University of Pittsburgh and focused upon responding to emergencies created by potential terrorist attacks or the crisis of natural disasters. It’s apparent that the City and the Region might engage in the design of an effective emergency response plan. We have the opportunity of designing a top-flight emergency plan given the state of world affairs and the nearby advanced medical institutions. We have a response plan but it is somewhat dated and in need of revision.”


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