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Del Mar Viewing
Luana Karr | DMTV

Beach Cleanup Day. Courtesy DMTV
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The Del Mar Television Foundation was filmed the Del Mar Beach Cleanup, part of other local Earth Day celebrations. New Producer Chandrea Taylor honed her video and interviewing skills with the help of Jon Thomas and Meghan Anderson. It was a good day all around - kids and adults helping to clean up the beach and learn appreciation for our beautiful environment, and a new producer experiencing a fun and wonderful field shoot.

The TV Foundation partnered with the Del Mar Foundation to archive the last Del Mar Talks with guest speaker Ben Kamin. Mr. Kamin is the author of “Dangerous Friendship.” A narrative of the complicated friendship between Dr. Martin King Jr. and Stanley Levison, the former Communist who was King’s closest white friend. Ben Kamin is a prize-winning author of ten books on human values and a scholar on Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Coming soon will be a video on the Shore Parks Event. The community strolled the area and participated in the process of a park vision, learned about the opportunities as well as constraints of the site, and gave insight as to what the Master Plan might look like. Another “coming soon” is an archive of the Meet & Greet that took place with the Architects of the City Hall Project and the Miller Hull Partnership.


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