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Shaping Shores
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Superman needs a place to fly.
Photo Kristen Crane
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On June 10th the Shores (Park) Advisory Committee will discuss the major themes from the Phase One information-gathering activities from:

- 420 household responses to the Shores Survey in March;

- 800 comments from the May 2 Plan Your Park Event;

- 16 community group interviews conducted since January, and

- pop-up booths at the Del Mar Farmer’s Market and Easter Egg Hunt.

Additional agenda items will be: findings related to the site; methods to evaluate ongoing costs to operate and maintain each scenario based on the amenities included; and an outline of the next steps as we move forward in the master plan process.

Meeting starts at 8 a.m. June 10th at the City Hall Annex, 225 11th DSt. Confirm and check out agenda at www.delmar.ca.us/shorespark

Rover needs a place to run. Photo Glen Schmidt
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800 more ideas. Photo Glen Schmidt
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