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Drought Discipline
Scott Huth | City Manager


Beginning June 1st, in response to Governor Brown’s call for mandatory water cutbacks throughout California, outdoor irrigation within the City of Del Mar will be limited to two days per week. As part of the two day per week irrigation restrictions, a schedule of assigned watering days will be announced by June 1, 2015. Meanwhile, residents and businesses are asked to begin voluntarily limiting outdoor irrigation to two days per week.

As a small urban water supplier with less than 3,000 connections, Del Mar is required by the State of California to implement two day per week irrigation restrictions or enact other measures to reduce Citywide water use by 25 percent. Though the City of Del Mar is aiming to reduce Citywide water use by 25%, a mandatory cutback target will not be applied to individual water customers.
The City is launching a multi-faceted drought response plan, which includes addressing water use at City facilities, landscaping, and parks, as well as significantly expanding public outreach. Additionally, the City Council voted to shut off the beach showers at all beach locations except the Beach Safety Center, which will occur in the coming weeks.

For information on rebate programs, tips for reducing residential and business water use, and the irrigation schedule, visit www.delmar.ca.us.


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