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Civic Center Design:
Design Progresses
Kathy Garcia | Planning and Community Development Director

Photo Courtesy Kathy Garcia
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After hearing the many ideas, thoughts and concerns from the community, the architects from The Miller Hull Partnership have been hard at work synthesizing the comments, analyzing the site, reviewing past plans and studies, and developing some ideas for arranging Del Mar’s new City Hall/Town Hall/Civic Plaza. The architects will be hosting a workshop starting at 5:00 PM on Monday, June 1st in the City Council Chambers where they will present their ideas on the organization of facilities on site, have a chance to speak with you individually, hear comments from the community, and hear the City Council’s directions to date. Taking these comments into consideration, the architects will then be returning to the community on June 15 (at the City Council meeting) to make a recommendation on a preferred direction. This effort will show the favored organization of the Town Hall, City Hall, Civic Plaza, and parking on the 1050 Camino del Mar site.

The Miller Hull Partnership will then spend the time in June and July to develop this idea further in what is called the “Schematic Design” phase, where they will be addressing arrangements, early massing, and heights. At the July 20 City Council meeting, the architects will share more detail and then begin the phase called “Design Development,” where they will work on the refinement of the design, determining character, articulation, materials and the like. The Design Development phase will also have many opportunities for community interaction before it concludes in November.

Nearly 90 community members attended the Meet & Greet with the architects. They hope that this level of participation continues throughout the process, as it is very useful and informative to their design progression.


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