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City Hears Citizens
Andrew Potter | Director of Administrative Services, City of Del Mar


The results from the December Citizen Satisfaction Survey are being used on a continuous basis to focus on areas for improvement based on residents’ needs and concerns. Full report on Sandpiper website, selected excerpts below:

  1. Road and Street Maintenance (e.g., pavement, potholes, sidewalks, street sweeping): Increased funding for residential roadway paving by $600,000 over the next two fiscal years to help reduce the backlog of paving needs and to improve City streets. The City expects to dramatically improve the condition of a large portion of residential streets.
  2. Law Enforcement (including traffic, crime prevention, more visibility/presence of law enforcement): Currently researching options to enhance law enforcement services and to focus more resources on security and patrol to deal with the impacts of visitors in the summer and extended seasons. In the interim, the City has worked closely with the Sheriff to increase enforcement efforts by adding additional sheriff staff to patrol and to transition from a vehicle traffic officer to a motor cycle traffic officer to improve mobility and visibility. No more “California stops” or cyclist “no stops” at stop signs! The City Council also established contingency funding in the amount of $200,000 for the next two years for future law enforcement service level adjustments.
  3. Parking (better parking regulation/enforcement; easier parking enforcement/longer parking window): Working on a Citywide Parking Management Plan, starting with the business area, focusing on four parking user groups: employees, business patrons, recreational users (beachgoers), and residents.
  4. Development process (better design/review process; better building code/zoning enforcement): Establishing an ad-hoc citizens’ advisory committee to recommend improvements to the development review process.
  5. Improved Customer Service: Implementing a new, robust online tool that will allow residents to submit and track requests for services online. Also, City departments will be developing survey tools for gauging customer service.
  6. Better Information/Transparency:
  7. Community Maintenance (beach restrooms; trees and landscaping; public area trash collection): Funds to improve the Powerhouse Community Center restrooms and maintenance work on City property. Purchasing and installing additional permanent recycling and trash cans, and landscape revitalization work.
  8. Revitalization of Downtown: Streetscape revitalization efforts in the downtown area. Redevelopment of City Hall with a new Town Hall and Civic Plaza as well as public parking.

Full report here


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