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Reluctant Compromise
Jacqueline Winterer | Ocean View Avenue


River Park JPA meets in Del Mar on
Boardwalk Compromise. Don Mosier at right.
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At a special meeting on April 8, the San Dieguito River Valley Joint Powers Authority (JPA) unanimously approved a compromise plan that retains 500 feet of the popular 1200 foot lagoon boardwalk and a viewing platform. The compromise was hammered out between the JPA, the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy and California Coastal Commission staff after the Commission voted to remove the entire boardwalk at its March 11, 2015 meeting.

The March 11 vote triggered a boardwalk brigade protest that took place on March 22 as well as a 30 day period in which the decision could be reconsidered by the Commission. After a marathon meeting with representatives from the JPA, the River Park and the Conservancy on April 6, the Coastal Commission staff indicated they would approve the compromise plan without it being heard by the Coastal Commissioners. JPA Board members approved the plan on April 8 with reluctance as they would have preferred to keep the boardwalk in its entirety. With the adoption of this compromise the JPA chose not to ask the Coastal Commission to reconsider the matter as such reconsiderations seldom succeed. The JPA Board further requested that the boardwalk remain in place until the Coast to Crest trail segment has been built north of the South Overflow Lot that is being restored to wetlands.

Coastal Commission staff was equally reticent but evidently was willing to approve a compromise plan that also included removal of a 282-foot berm and did not delay the restoration project any longer. Trish Boaz, Conservancy Executive Director, thanked the many Boardwalk supporters who signed the Boardwalk petition, participated in the boardwalk brigade and attended the meeting. “You made a difference,” she said.

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