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Virginia Lawrence | Caminito Del Rocio


The Sandpiper Editors would like to thank Bob and Lucie Walther, as well as
Del Mar Blue, for 18 years of faithful collaboration with the Sandpiper, and to welcome San Dieguito Printers as a new partner.

Since 1997 Bob and Lucie have assembled the 2600 copies we regularly distribute to Delmarians. For a 20-page issue, Lucie and Bob would assemble at home, and by hand, a staggering 13,000 tabloid sheets. In addition, Lucie would affix the address labels to the papers, deliver these copies to the Encinitas Post Office where they could be registered as bulk mail, and then personally take them to the Del Mar Post Office for speedier delivery to Del Mar mail boxes.

Bob Walther with the mail sacks ready for delivety to the post office. Photos Virginia Lawrence
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Vince DiBernardo,
pressman for Del Mar Blue.
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  Lucie Walther at home with a
50-pound mail sack
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It is Sandpiper policy to support community businesses. However, when Bob and Lucie decided to retire, Del Mar Blue, our long-term local printing house was unable to take over Lucie and Bob’s Herculean responsibilities: neither the assembly nor the delivery aspects of production. The Sandpiper strongly regrets this loss of a long-term local partner, and salutes Del Mar Blue for its many years of service.

Film negative of Sandpiper at Del Mar Blue.
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Our new printing house, San Dieguito Printers in San Marcos, does it all. It was they who printed, assembled, stapled, addressed, and delivered the April issue to the post offices in Encinitas and Del Mar – a smooth start!



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