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On Your Mark
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Drive. Photo Bill Morris.
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The long formal review process has begun for the proposed housing development on the corner of Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Road.

• The EIR scoping meeting was held with public input. The draft report is expected for public review is expected in late Summer.
• The Specific Plan proposal has been submitted to the City Planning Department.
• A citizen advisory committee has been organized with the following members: Jim Benedict, Dave Druker, Bud Emerson, Nancy Fisher, Nate McCay (in July), Lucy Ziska.
• An interactive website can be found at
www. watermarkdelmar.com

The following excerpt from city files outlines the additional steps in the process to unfold over a number of months (specific dates to be announced later).
“As part of the formal process, the applicant will conduct a Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) as required by the Del Mar Municipal Code (DMCC). Because of the complexity of the issues, the applicant has agreed to conduct three additional public workshops for community engagement on key issues during the process. In addition to the public hearings, Planning Commission and Design Review Board interim presentations are proposed to elicit early feedback during the process. The formal approvals will be maintained, with Planning Commission, Design Review and City Council hearings at the process’s conclusion. The final action of Specific Plan approval rests with the City Council. The final action of Local Coastal Program Amendment rests with the Coastal Commission.”

Rendering from www.watermarkdelmar.com
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