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Continuing Construction
Work continues along Jimmy Durante Boulevard between Camino del Mar to just south of San Dieguito Drive, with anticipated completion by the end of May.
While there is a lot of work happening above ground, important improvements are also being made underground. The new replacement wastewater pipeline is complete, and the new water pipeline is expected to be connected to the water distribution system by the end of April.

All the new storm drain pipelines have also been completed. Remaining construction includes the new retaining walls, curb, gutter, and sidewalk. Last steps of the project will be paving the roadway surface and striping.
City staff is expressing thanks to the community for patience and flexibility over the past weeks during construction.

Shores Shapes
On May 13 the Shores Park design consultant will present his initial ideas for the 5.3 acre site at Ninth and Stratford. The presentation will be made to the Shores Advisory Committee (SAC) at their monthly meeting beginning at 8 a.m. at the Annex. Glen Schmidt and his design team will review input from the May 2nd on-site brainstorming, family friendly “Plan Your Park” event that marked the end of Phase One of a Master Plan process to develop a long-term vision for the property by early 2016. The “discovery” phase has also included an online Park Survey (420 households responded), ongoing interviews with interest groups and even “pop up” booths at various Del Mar locations including Farmers’ Market. The SAC meeting on Wednesday marks the beginning of a second phase tagged “imagine” to develop site alternatives and select a preferred direction. Council members Sherryl Parks and Terry Sinnott sit on the eight-member committee tasked with ensuring an open process that balances the different community interests in the park and provides input to City Council. To confirm SAC meeting go to: www.delmar.ca.us/shorespark.

Tiered Water Rates
A court ruling in April knocked down a tiered water rate system in San Juan Capistrano. Preliminary analysis by municipal attorneys suggests it likely will not affect most of San Diego County, even though many local water agencies use similar rate structures (Del Mar included). Tiered systems cannot be completely arbitrary, but must be justified by the actual cost of delivering the water. There is a strong administrative record in the San Diego area to justify different cost allocations with the various tiers.
A 2014 study by UC Riverside, estimated that tiered rate structures reduce water use over time by up to 15 percent.

A presentation will be made to the Del Mar City council in late May regarding the giant music fest known as Kaaboo scheduled for the fairgrounds in September.


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