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EDITORIAL: No Drought Doubt

The Drought is real, and drastic action by us all is critical. All of California is under a mandate to reduce water usage by 25%. In the ensuing weeks, the City of Del Mar needs to determine how to apply this mandate. A simple cut for everyone of 25% is unfair and could be dangerous to people who are using less than the average amount per person.

Some facts:
1. Between 50 and 60% of water countywide is used for irrigation.
2. The largest water users in Del Mar are:
a. The City of Del Mar
b. The Fairgrounds
c. The various commercial hotels

The Fairground already uses non-potable water for much of its irrigation. The City of Del Mar uses much of its water for irrigation.

Some people in town have taken the drought seriously for years and have less ability to reduce their water usage. Some apartment dwellers and elderly people use a minimum amount of water. A mandated 25% reduction would not be feasible for these people. Nevertheless, we urge each household to create a strategic action plan to do its share. We urge each business to implement cutback measures.

We urge the City Council to create a citizens committee with representatives from the Parks and Rec Committee, the Fairgrounds, the Finance Committee, Del Mar Woods, The Del Mar Garden Club, the Sustainability Advisory Board, our County Water Authority representative, the business community and a few citizens. This committee needs to meet quickly and create recommendations as to how Del Mar will achieve the 25% mandate.

Some issues that need to be determined include:

1. Should we turn off all outdoor showers at the beach
2. Should we reduce or eliminate the watering of the public grassy areas – Powerhouse, Seagrove, Del Mar Shores
3. Should mandated reductions percentages be based upon the current water usage tiers

Ultimately, the only solutions for the drought are to:

1. Desalinate more sea water
2. Recycle and reclaim as much water before it is put into the ocean
3. Return to the coastal sage and chaparral vegetation as Southern California looked like before the massive influx of population.



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