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Number Dump
Bonanza for DMPD
City Council approves naming rights for all numbered streets in Del Mar. A recommendation from the Finance Committee estimates that selling naming rights could yield as much as $1million toward the funding of our new police department building scheduled to break ground by the first of this... (continuation below)

Photo Bill Morris
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New Sheriff Named
To Police Doggie Park

Expecting a steep increase in canine visitors to the dog park in the near future, the Del Mar City Council weighed in...
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Free Range Zone

Photo Shirley King.
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Free Range Zone for Local Chickens Approved by City Council
There are four chickens living at the corner of Luneta and Zuni. They roam that area and have been know to hold up traffic while holding court on... (continuation below)


"Roundabout of Dread"
Removed from Jimmy Durante Traffic Plans
We’re just too dumb to figure out how to drive in a circle without running into each other,” said members of a focus group devoted to... (continuation below)

Geezer Music Concert
Del Marians Freak Out
These bands are so uncool that attendees on walkers will clog Bully’s, and Lipitor abuse will run rampant,” says Beach Colony resident... (continuation below)

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