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Hawk Watch
Art Olson | Avenida Primavera
photos by David Arnold and Art Olson


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In December of this past year Del Mar resident and retired graphic designer, David Arnold saw a diseased Torrey Pine being cut down on City property just across highway 101 from his home on Ocean View Avenue. The location of that tree was very special to Arnold, as it is to the thousands of others that look to the Pacific as they descend along the 101 toward the Torrey Pines State Beach driving south from Del Mar. Arnold saw not only the tragedy of an iconic tree dying from beetle infestation, but the possibility to repurpose what was left of it as art that will retain the aesthetics of the view that it occupied. Since workmen were busily cutting the tree to the ground, Arnold swept in and convinced their supervisor to halt the chain sawing, in order to let him mark out with masking tape what he saw as the potential shape of the art piece he was envisioning. He then promptly went to City Hall, and got a reprieve for what then remained of the tree. At home he fashioned a miniature model of his planned sculpture and subsequently presented it to the City Council, which approved his project. With the help of experienced woodcarver, Tim Richards and arborist Andy McCracken, the sculpture was completed in March. The piece, which features a red-tailed hawk and a seat to view the surrounding panorama, has drawn both the eyes and the feet of those who pass by.


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