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Dr. Rich
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Q – It seems that City Hall is suddenly all “atwitter” over the matter of parking. They’ve got special staff dedicated to preparing what they call a Parking Management Plan. They’ve got the city cut up into a bunch of different sectors, and have identified four different groups of parkers. Two City Council members have rolled up their sleeves to join in. What’s your take on all this? – j.m.

I believe our leaders are to be commended for their foresight in this matter. If current trends continue, it is entirely possible that we may have a parking problem here sometime in the future. So the time to begin planning is NOW. However, it is also not unreasonable to project that we may eventually have a traffic problem here in Del Mar. Maybe a committee should be set up. It could be called “Parking and Traffic.” (Or maybe “Traffic and Parking?”)

As we all know, Citizen Committees are the “Del Mar Way.” Who can forget the valiant effort of our volunteer citizens just a few years back to stem the tide of through traffic on Camino Del Mar. Long-time readers of this column will remember the many innovative solutions considered: for instance the elegant “Fleur de Lis,” in which traffic can come into town only on Del Mar Heights Road, and must leave going north or south on Camino Del Mar. Or the draconian “Blow the Bridges,” which pretty much speaks for itself. Our intrepid citizens committee wrestled long and hard with this problem, then took the bold step of painting new stripes along various sections of Camino Del Mar. I am told that most of our regular commuters were very appreciative.

And for as long as I can recall, we have always had a Parking Committee in Del Mar. Who can forget their struggles with the question: should parking be parallel or diagonal? If diagonal, should cars back in or go straight in? Should there be different rules for different parts of town? I think they finally realized there was no point in worrying about all that if in fact there were no places to park.

In any case our current city leaders are to be commended for their foresight and originality.

Q – In last month’s column you predicted that the San Diego City Council would (in your words) “kick the El Paseo can down the road.” My understanding is that they approved the project. Does that mean an end to all this wrangling? – t.q.

Not at all. Fortunately, KTC (Kick the Can) is a highly nuanced game, with rules that you may not be aware of. For instance, if a player controlling the can at some point declines to advance it, any bystander who wishes may launch the can anew, and may propel it in whatever direction they desire, thus keeping the object in play. In other words, the game is not over until there is no one left who wants to play.

Even as I write there is a citizens’ group preparing to whack the can all the way into another court (a legal court, that is). So I think you can look forward to many happy PASEOs to pass.


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