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The question is not whether or not will we experience another wildfire in Southern California but when might occur. This is the positon of many authorities on the appalling topic of wildfires including the comments of Joe Bameyer recently speaking out as the fire Battalion Chief for the cities of Del Mar, Encinitas and Solana Beach.

He was among the firefighters who fought the Poinsettia fire which destroyed 27 structures and burned 600 acres in Carlsbad in May. It was a wind-whipped fire that eventually burned 700 acres across the county.

He notes that numerous factors contributed to the fire including: a humidity below 20 percent, a lack of fire-fighting equipment, the continual drought providing a voluminous amount of dead plants, leaves and grass surrounding property. From another perspective few families had an emergency plan with delineated exits out of the house and neighborhood, nor possessed a preassembled emergency kit—one that included food, medicine, valuable documents and other cherished items. Of particular concern, few residents knew where to find information regarding wildfires and personal survival.

Fortunately, there are numerous resources currently addressed to this gap. The Department of Homeland Security funds an excellent web-site entitled “ReadySanDiego.” It contains the following up-to-date and critical information and instructions: Preparing a Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide, Registering under AlertSanDiego to receive an emergency notification through a county-wide system, and better safeguarding ones family, home and possessions through such steps as creating defensible space, modifying one’s home exterior to make it less vulnerable to burning embers. In addition, there are other useful tips for successfully coping with wildfires.



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