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All About Schmidt
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Landscape Architect Man (LAM)
Landscape Architect Glen Schmidt dons a Superman T-shirt whenever he talks about his award-winning craft. He says smart, sustainable, engaging design can help save the world. Caption and photo from San Diego Metro Magazine, 2012.

Last month Schmidt Design Group got unanimous approval from the Del Mar City Council to engage the community in developing a master plan for the Shores Park at Ninth and Stratford. “It is a milestone,” commented Councilmember Terry Sinnott, and Councilmember Sherryl Parks added “our park design will probably make an even dozen (Orchid awards for the group that had recently won its eleventh).” All the while Glen Schmidt, the principal-in-charge, kept his jacket on never revealing that underneath his Clark Kent appearance was the garb of a superhero.

Schmidt believes landscape architects are going to save the world and he often wears a kind of Superman T shirt (LAM for Landscape Architect Man) under his jacket when he talks about his work. He sees green infrastructure as a way to improve our quality of life, offset climate change, help reverse obesity trends and even provide relaxation in a world often disconnected from nature. Asked why he did not reveal his LAM shirt at the October 6 Council meeting, he laughed “I went incognito.”

The Schmidt team is also a big believer in parks reflecting the community in which they are designed and looks forward to engaging Del Mar residents, both those who have used the five-acre site in the past and those who have never even thought about it. The Shores Advisory Committee (SAC) staffer Kristen Crane said the formal civic engagement process is expected to begin in the new year although the City had a booth at the recent Del Mar Art Stroll event that resulted in almost 50 signing up for more information. More residents can get involved by going to www.delmar.ca.us/374/Shores-Advisory-Committee.

Parks designed by Schmidt Design Group that have won Orchid awards include the nearby Solana Beach Coastal Rail Trail on the eastern side of 101 and Cottonwood Park in Encinitas where the firm excavated a culvert to bring back two creeks and revegetated the property with native plants. Their most recent 11th award was for the Waterfront Park at the County Administration Building downtown, a design by Hargreaves Associates of San Francisco that was implemented by the local firm.


A city information booth staffed by Shores Advisory Committee members, left to right, Sissy Alsabrook behind banner and
Council member Sherryl Parks, at the recent Art Stroll event
generated interest in a master plan for the five acre site.
Photo courtesy City of Del Mar.
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