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Put a COP On It
Jim Benedict | Christy Lane

The Finance Committee’s sub-committee on the sheriff contract continues to work towards solutions to have better public safety for our community.
We are still very concerned about the Sheriff Department’sr response times to our community needs. Examples of concerns:

1) If you have a prowler looking in your window, you call 911. On average, the sheriff will arrive in 40 minutes. We find this unacceptable.

2) If you come home and you had a burglary, you call 911. The sheriff will arrive, on average, in 40 minutes. Again unacceptable.

3) A huge party is next door and it is out of hand - you call the sheriff. The sheriff will arrive, on average, 40 minutes later.

The Sheriff and our city staff are well aware that the Sheriff, under their current contract, can NOT reduce these response times.

The sub-committee, myself, Barry Entous, and Glenn Sherman are working on options to bring to the city council to reduce these response times. We hope to have a report in front of City Council in December.

Public safety and fire services are like insurance policies – you hope you never want to use them, but when you do, you want reliable and quick solutions.



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