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Put a CAP on It
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


Scientific reports issued by prominent scientists, employed in nearby institutes and universities, concur that we are experiencing dramatic changes in the overall climate--with it hot and humid heat waves, worsening of droughts, extreme tides and storms magnifying sea levels, longer wildfire seasons, and increased health risks among many residents.

Previous issues of the Sandpiper document the efforts being developed by the Del Mar Sustainability Advisory Board, and other groups and organizations, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions--perhaps the major contributor to global climate change.

Greenhouse gases are generated by many sources – automobiles, electricity, natural gas, solid waste, movement and treatment of water and wastewater to name a few. Efforts to reduce carbon emissions from these sources in Del Mar are being identified, measured, and inserted into a mathematical model projecting future increases or decreases. These are called “mitigation measures.” The model was developed by the University of San Diego Energy Policy Initiatives Center and has been used by many other jurisdictions in the County.

The Del Mar Sustainability Advisory Board is composed of residents appointed by the City Council who meet regularly and assist in research, review of alternative proposals, and vote on alternative actions to be recommended to the City Council. Councilmembers Don Mosier and Sherryl Parks serve as the City Council liaisons to this committee, along with a staff representative from the City Manager’s office, Kristen Crane.

In the coming months, the Board will recommend to the City Council a menu of local projects, programs, and policies to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions generated locally to include in a future Climate Action Plan (CAP).



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