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Listen Up City Council: Terry soundings
Terry Sinnott | Nob Avenue

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Terry Sinnoitt.  Photo Sean Capshaw Resolusean Photography.
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During this “non-election campaign” we have been meeting with many Del Mar residents to get a feel for what is on your mind. It has been a very worthwhile investment in time. There are some strong messages that I am hearing from the community. A brief recap:

• Improve safety for pedestrians at crosswalks.
• Address the impact of the increasing number of dogs on our beaches.
• There are concerns that the new sidewalk improvements along Jimmy Durante must help, not slow the flow of traffic.
• Our City employees are working hard to help our residents along the beaches.
• The Plaza needs to attract tenants and become economically prosperous.
• Continue with efforts to build City Hall.
• Improve police presence and traffic enforcement.

We will hear other issues during the next few weeks. I hope I can talk with as many people as possible through December. That will help the City Council set the City’s priorities for next year.

A couple of new items; the Council has narrowed the preliminary design options for a new City Hall from 13 possibilities down to 4. The options range from a basic City Hall / Town Hall configuration to a mixed use town center with commercial and residential uses. We will now begin a community outreach effort to see which of the options has the greatest support in the community.

- Ultimately we will have a community vote to pick the size, scale and architecture of the new facility.

Also in November, the City will be announcing an on-line customer satisfaction survey for residents.

This survey will measure the level of satisfaction for the services the City provides and pinpoint areas where we can improve. We hope everyone will take a few moments to complete the survey.



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