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We are very distressed at the lack of respect shown to the local community of Carmel Valley by the San Diego Planning Commission hearing the One Paseo development proposal. The behavior of the Commissioners toward the community planning body and their lack of courage to make a decision is another egregious example of governmental dysfunction.

Respect for government comes from showing respect for citizens. The San Diego Planning Commission failed miserably to meet this fundamental expectation of a governmental body. Literally thousands of citizens have worked for more than a year to analyze the developer’s massive proposal and the four-inch thick Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

It was apparent that the Commissioners did not have enough votes to approve either the proposal or the EIR. But when it came time for an up-or-down vote, the pressure from the developer was too much-- theirs was a colossal failure of nerve. Fearful of a negative vote and developer reaction, they punted the decision to the City Council.

This after an overwhelming vote from the Carmel Valley Planning Board to reject the massive triple-size zoning proposal in favor of a one-ond-one half zoning compromise. So much for community plans, zoning, and community planning boards.

Now the San Diego City Council will likely hear the proposal in December. Can governmental credibility be rescued by the Council? Ever hopeful, citizen groups are organizing. We urge Del Mar leaders and citizens to join in support of our Carmel Valley neighbors.

It is time for government, namely San Diego, to listen and respect the citizens it is supposed to represent.


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