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Del Mar Does PASEO
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Carmel Valley Planning Board members, left to right, Deb Lokanc, Vice Chair Manjeet Ranu, Chair Frisco White, and to the right of consultant Kristen Byrne, Nancy Novak consider draft motion on proposed One Paseo development. Photo Bertha Leone.
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Highlights from Del Mar City Council’s September 15 letter to the San Diego Planning Commission on the One Paseo development and its Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) include:

“TRAFFIC: Because the Del Mar Heights Bridge widening necessary to mitigate the project’s impacts is the jurisdiction of Caltrans it will remain a significant impact. Impacts to the Del Mar Heights Road/Interstate 5 ramp meters will result in drivers rerouting to the Camino del Mar coastal corridor, as they currently do when either the freeway or the onramps are congested. Camino del Mar is subject to horrendous congestion when I-5 fails to function at an acceptable level of service. We request the exploration of project alternatives that reduce the unmitigable impact on regional traffic continue.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Currently Del Mar’s Fire Department Station 1 has a significant call volume that responds to City of San Diego needs to supplement San Diego Fire Department Station 24 (east of the proposed development). An increase in calls due to the new development will exacerbate this current situation and should be analyzed and mitigated. The study must also take into account seasonal impacts to traffic, especially at freeway ramps during the San Diego Fair and Thoroughbred Race Meets.

NEIGHBORHOOD CHARACTER: Del Mar strongly agrees that the Revised Project continues to be significantly inconsistent with the low-scale and low-intensity character of the immediate vicinity and recommends that no development exceed the proposed densities and height limits of the previously analyzed Mixed-Use Retail alternative (835,000 square ft. compared to 1.4 million) or similar alternatives.

SUMMARY: Del Mar encourages the City of San Diego to continue to work with the applicants and the Carmel Valley Community Planning Group to achieve a viable main-street concept that achieves the goals of the project but with significantly reduced impacts in a manner similar to, or even greater than, the Mixed Use Retail alternative. We believe further development of project alternatives could provide for a viable project that becomes a model example of the City of Villages strategy and reduce the concerns of the neighboring jurisdiction.”



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