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Shores Advisory Committee members, left to right, Sissy Alsabrook, Cathy Asciutto, Lina Waage, Nate McCay, Judd Halenza and Council liason Terry Sinnott listen to presentation by Shores Park Master Plan Consultant finalist.
Photo courtesy City of Del Mar.
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Last month the Shores Advisory Committee (SAC) met with a finalist for the City’s Park Master Plan Consultant and left their early morning meeting excited about the possibilities for encouraging community input and developing a sustainable, fulfilling vision for the five-acre site. The Committee is looking for a consultant/team that will optimize identification of uses, reflect local needs and character and envision long term desirability. Examples of parks designed to meet these goals were discussed and included Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas, the Solana Beach Coastal Rail Trail and Waterfront Park at the County Administration Building downtown. Assistant to the City Manager and Committee staffer Kristen Crane outlined a possible 12-18 month process of community engagement that she described as Discover, Imagine and Create. Ten contenders for the Master Plan Consultant contract have been narrowed down to four and a final selection is expected at a City Council meeting in October. SAC meetings are held every second Wednesday morning of the month beginning at 8 a.m. at the City Hall Annex, and all residents are encouraged to attend and participate in the Shores Park planning process. The committee has eight community members and is chaired by Art Olson. Piper Underwood and Judd Halenza have been serving as their Consultant Selection sub-committee with Council liaisons Sherryl Parks and Terry Sinnott. For all SAC member names, agendas and minutes and to sign up for updates go to the City’s website www.delmar.ca.us/shorespark.



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