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Rising Water: Water, Sewer and Clean Water Rates
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Bi-monthly increases Water rates Sewer rates Clean water rates
2015 $8.80 $5.12 $2.23
2016 $6.82 $5.80 $2.92
2017 $7.23 $4.84 $3.08
2018 $7.66 $5.06 $2.83
2019 $8.12 $5.20 $4.30

Every five years the city needs to determine the changes to Water, Sewer and Clean Water rates. These must be published in public so that the users of these systems can protest the rates under Proposition 218. If more that 50% of the rate users protest the rates, the city must hold an election to confirm the rates.

As reported last month most of the increases in these rates are due to expected increases in the cost of water, expected increases in the cost of waste water treatment and the cost of compliance for clean water.

Based upon presentations to the City Council on Tuesday, September 2 bi-monthly rates will increase for each of these systems.

Water rates are projected to increase 6% each year and the bi-monthly increase for a typical household customer will be as shown in the table below. Sewer rates are projected to increase between 2.5% and 3%. Clean water rates will also increase between 4.3% and 10.4%.

The large increase in the first three years is to make up for a deficit in the current clean water account.

In the near future there will be a public workshop to review the rates. Once this workshop is held a protest period will be opened up. If less than 50% of the rate payers protest, then the City Council will have the ability to institute the proposed rates.


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