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Listen Up City Council: Terry soundings
Terry Sinnott | Nob Avenue

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Terry Sinnoitt.  Photo Sean Capshaw Resolusean Photography.
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I am not running for office. But I am working as if there were an election. Thanks to the generosity of local residents, I am participating in a series of neighborhood “wine and cheese” early evening meetings throughout Del Mar. Usually there are 20 to 30 people; local neighbors wanting to talk about Del Mar issues. Both Dwight Worden and I are attending each event and presenting our thoughts on the big concerns and opportunities facing Del Mar, and then we open it up to questions. It is a great opportunity to find out what is on peoples’ minds.
The subjects we cover vary widely. But my message is the same. There are some key decisions the community needs to make in the near future. All of them require your input.
First, what kind of city hall/town hall should we build? We have to move out of the old city hall. It is now a matter of defining the community’s needs, and what is financially prudent.
Second, we will be reaching out into the community in 2015 to create a master plan for the Shores Park. Third, we hope to solve our parking problems by addressing the specific needs of residents, employers and visitors.
And we have to make sure our budget is balanced and we continue to improve our infrastructure …. streets, roads, and utilities.
So far we have only held two of the seven neighborhood meetings. But feedback has been very good so far. Here are some examples:

  • “Don’t delay the City Hall. It needs to get done. Just move forward!”
  • “We want more traffic enforcement; especially to stop bicyclists who ignore the traffic stops.”
  • “Protect our lagoons.”
  • “We need to improve the south end of town.”

If you have some feedback for the City Council, we need to hear from you.
Please give us a call.



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