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Luana Karr | DMTV

Staying Alive class. Photo DMTV.
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Dry hot weather, no rain in sight, fire and floods are all around us. All of this has brought to the foreground the need to conserve, to plan and be prepared for any type of emergency. The Del Mar Television Foundation has been collaborating with other Del Mar non-profit organizations to help bring the information you need to your fingertips. You can either view these programs on our Del Mar Television channel or online on our Vimeo Channel or by checking out the DVDs at the Del Mar Library.

One of the pertinent and timely videos is on preparing for wildfires. Our Hot Topics series included a program entitled “Wildfire Reality.”

This special program will help you learn about preparing a defensible area around your home, showing you changes you can make on your house to offset flying embers, and encourage you to work with your neighbors to clear alleys and canyons of debris.

Another program, our 3-part “Are You Ready” video, shows how you can prepare for a disaster, including fire, flood and earthquakes. It also includes making a disaster plan and kit for your family and particularly how to handle utilities in these situations.

If you are interested in water conservation, watch the program “Water Wise.” This will give you information to help you with drought-tolerant plants and with watering systems.

If you need to review your first aid knowledge, then the “Staying Alive Class” is for you.

These and other shows for the community can be viewed via our updated website: www.delmartv.com.



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