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Dwight Worden | Sea View Avenue and Scott Huth | City Manager

Ranger's vehicle shown in video. Click on image to enlarge.

Recently rumors and concerns have arisen in the community about a traffic incident between Del Mar’s Ranger and a Sheriff reserve deputy. The deputy was stopped by the Ranger for the illegal use of a cell phone while driving. The deputy’s rude, abusive reaction was videotaped by the Ranger.

The incident happened in March but was recently made public because of a California Public Records Act request filed by news organizations.

In an attempt to sort out the facts, the Sandpiper contacted both incoming Council Member Dwight Worden and City Manager Scott Huth. See the complete texts of these statements below

Dwight Worden: statement sent to City Council on September 26, 2014
Today I have seen the video captured by the body camera worn by our Del Mar Ranger when he made a stop on an off-duty deputy sheriff. Many members of our community have sent me links to the video, have expressed their outrage at the deputy sheriff’s conduct, and have shared their frustration that they have not heard from their city as to what actions are being taken in response. Are we backing up our employee who, judging from the video, acted courteously and professionally?   complete text

Scott Huth: statement issued by City September 27, 2014
On March 10, 2014, while driving to and from City of Del Mar parks, the City’s Park Ranger observed an individual using a handheld cell phone while driving. In an effort to ensure public safety, the individual, (who later turned out to be an off-duty Sheriff Reserve Deputy), was pulled over by the Park Ranger. During the incident, the volunteer Reserve Deputy was visibly frustrated, rude, and inappropriately challenged the Ranger’s authority. The City commends Park Ranger Adam Chase for his professional and calm response to the individual’s allegations and statements. The individual was provided a warning, but no citation was given to the individual.   complete text



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