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Fire Department Profile: Peak Performers
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

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Chili Kitchen.  Photo Nancy Fisher.
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The Sandpiper spoke with Captain Pat O’Neil to learn a little more about the personalities behind the job descriptions of our talented Del Mar Firefighters.

NF: We know you work in three teams, and that each team includes a Fire Captain, a Fire Engineer, and a Firefighter/Paramedic. Can you give us a brief description of each position?

PO: Sure. The Captains lead the crew. They’re responsible for supervising the shift, coordinating training and directions for the day, and documenting all incidents. The Engineers drive the fire engines and pump water if necessary, and are in charge of the huge task of maintaining all of the equipment we need. And the Firefighter/Paramedics are the highest level of medical authority on the apparatus. They ensure that all the medical gear is ready to go and provide training to the rest of the team.

NF: We know you live in Mission Valley, but where do the eight other members of the staff live?

PO: Five of us live in North County and four live south of Del Mar but, with good traffic, it takes each of us about twenty minutes to drive to the station.

NF: Do any of the staff have special talents or unusual hobbies?

PO: Oh yes! Captain Giannetto has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and we also have a retired professional baseball player, a General Contractor, a former Solana Beach Lifeguard, an instructor at the Fire Academy, a charter boat captain, and at least one second, or maybe third, generation firefighter. And I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

NF: Who’s the funniest? Is there a firehouse clown?

PO: That would be Morgan Sherman. He’s always trying to crack us up.

NF: And now, the answer we’ve all been waiting for…who’s the best cook?

PO: That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say Jimmy Bingham is one of our better cooks.



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