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Hello, Mate! Lorna Jane
Shirley King | Avenida Primavera

Lina Hernandez, Assistant Store Manager and Kristen Lopez,
Store Manager at Lorna Jane Active Living.
Photo by Shirley King.
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One of Australia’s most popular foods, Vegemite has never caught on here - despite its rich source of B Vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin and folate with no added sugar, or fat and easy-to-eat anytime spread on crackers or bread. However no acquired taste is needed for Lorna Jane another Aussie homegrown health and lifestyle import that is moving through California at an impressive speed. Dominating the fitness fashion market in Australia, Lorna Jane Activewear has opened 25 stores within two years in California. And two months ago Lorna Jane opened its Active Living Room Del Mar – its sportswear retail and “move studio” on the street level of the Del Mar Plaza. That block is now buzzing with movers and shakers.

As group exercise for women in the form of aerobics heated up in the1980s, women put up with the ill-fitting fitness clothing that would never be worn on the street. In response to her own discomfort with the misplaced seams of aerobic clothing, Lorna Jane Clarkson, a former dental therapist and the Founder of her namesake business began sewing her own fitness outfits – first refashioning her swimsuit. She continues to design and lead the team of female designers for her almost two hundred worldwide stores – selling sportswear and lifestyle clothing that refuses to be dull or relegated to the gym bag, and she knows where to place the seams.

Lorna Jane’s inventory is in motion on the gym floor and also on the racks. Every month 70 to 100 new pieces are introduced of which 8 to15 are style changes, and a new color is launched every 6 weeks. The colors are vibrant, many with striking accent trims – aimed at a broad demographic. Exclusive fabric in the product line is LJ Excel that is high performance, UV-protected, anti-piling, moisture-wicking, anti-fading and 4-way stretch – outlives its owner.

Lorna Jane’s fashion is meant to motivate you to look good and feel good through an active daily routine. And that habit of activity can be fulfilled at the adjoining gym-studio where certified instructors lead vinyasa and sculpt yoga, mat pilates, post-natal shape-up, cardio boxing classes and more, with one complimentary class offered every day. Enrollment in the classes for a maximum of 12 is first come, first served by calling or sending an email to reserve your place. Coming soon will be a nutrition component with educational talks, food demonstrations and locally-made refrigerated health drinks.

When walking into Lorna Jane’s, there is no doubt that this is a customer-centric business. Lorna Jane’s approach to its business is surrounded by the principles of Move, Nourish, Believe – offering products and services to encourage a life of regular activity and healthy nourishment. Del Mar’s Store Manager, Kristen Lopez is an exceptionally engaging ambassador for Lorna Jane’s community-based business strategy. Kristen sees her job as working for the community in which her store resides and also to cross-pollinate with Del Mar’s other retail stores.
If the least that you want is a daily lift of spirits, step into Lorna Jane’s and get an infusion of warmth from either Kristen or Lina Hernandez, Assistant Store Manager. Lorna Jane’s is our newest drop-in center. Regardless of what you do there, be prepared to view yourself more fabulous when you leave.
1555 Camino del Mar, #112. Call 858-509-4830 to reserve classes or e-mail ljusa36@lornajane.com.



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