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Getting to Know You
Harold Feder, Cub Reporter | Crest Road

Marnie Mahoney in her garden. Photo Bill Morris.
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I believe that all of us have a story to tell. So every once in a while, I am going to try and tell the story of one of our neighbors. There is no agenda in this pursuit other than that of human interest and maybe to allow us to better know, understand and enjoy each other. So I hope you will help by letting me learn your story if asked.

I thought it fitting to begin by talking to my long term and immediate neighbor, Marnie Mahoney.

Q: Tell me about your family
A: My great grandfather was a lawyer who moved to California and became its first Republican Senator. He was a contemporary of Abe Lincoln, and I still have a vase associated with President Lincoln. As part of a fee, my great grandfather received a substantial amount of acreage in Hollywood. I grew up in a home on this land. My dad was a stockbroker and my mom was a lady of the house. I had one sister.

Q: When and why did you move to Del Mar?
A: Initially, we moved to La Jolla in 1958 and bought a house on Ardeth Road when it was a country road. After a breakup of the marriage, I and my 5 boys moved to Del Mar. I bought Helen Woodward’s house on the beach between 25th and 26th Street. I had known Helen since childhood when my dad played tennis at her family home in Los Angeles. I used to see Helen walking her three golden retrievers on the beach. I ultimately moved to my current home after dealing with the storms of 1983 and the damage that they caused to my home. The move surprised me as I always thought I was going to be the last old lady at the last old house.

Q: What was Del Mar like then?
A: It was a much smaller and simpler place. The University and Scripps were just beginning to influence our population.
Q: How has Del Mar changed?
A: Obviously, the town has grown a lot. I am disappointed that the Plaza has not been more successful. I miss having a market both for the convenience and as a gathering place.

Q: What is your favorite place in Del Mar?
A: My home.

Q: What do like best about Del Mar?
A: I like the way it is laid out with winding, serpentine streets and the Torrey Pines. I also like the people and especially the residents that are involved in the works of the town.

Q: Your favorite plant
A: Foxgloves

Q: Your favorite color
A: Green

Q: Your favorite Mayor/Councilperson
A: Ronnie Delaney. She ran a good meeting and tried to understand all sides to an issue.

Q: Your favorite Del Mar employee
A: I just love Paul Thomas of Public Works. He is fun, funny and gets things done. I also have great respect for the lifeguards.

Q: Most know you are an avid and skilled gardener. What other activities do you enjoy?
A: I knit. Especially baby hats and blankets. I knit and send around 25 hats and 2 blankets a month to an organization that distributes them to hospitals for babies and premies. This is something I can do for someone else. I have been doing this for about 12 years. I also collect antiques and love the thrill of the hunt. I used to have an antique shop at the Panniken Building on the Coast Highway.

Q: The best advice you have received
A: Think before you leap

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: Crazy old lady

Q: The qualities of a good neighbor
A: Speaks freely, is open and friendly and respects privacy

Thanks Marnie. You are all that and more.



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