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Neighbors for Neighbors
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo Road

Two DMCC volunteers, Carly Michaels and Chris Engelbrect discuss plans for the upcoming DMCC Gala Fundraiser.
Photo Carol Kerridge.  Click on image to enlarge.


What do you think a soccer mom, yacht builder, musician, doctor, contractor, TV personality and realtor have in common? These caring residents, along with many more (45, to be exact), all with varied backgrounds, are stepping up to learn how they can help their neighbors who might need help during a disaster.

This Del Mar Community Connections program called NEST (Neighborhood Emergency Support Team), whose membership has quickly increased to 30 participants, is designed to give help in emergencies to those with mobility issues. Their volunteer neighbors are great examples of how people can get involved to help make their neighborhood and our community safer and more secure should fires, evacuations, earthquakes, floods, blackouts or hazardous waste accidents occur.

Actually, there are many interesting volunteer opportunities with Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC), such as: providing transportation to local appointments for those residents who are unable to drive; accompanying seniors on van trips for shopping, theater, museums; helping with a low cost lunch/lecture series; providing classes such as painting, computer assistance, sing-a-longs, knit and stitch, book club, travel club; or working with a team to provide monthly stimulating social activities. Some of the over 30 active volunteers just come to help when there are special events or for a major fundraiser.

Carly Michaels, an avid volunteer and newcomer to Del Mar, offers these words, “Volunteering is a gift and to give a gift is to do so without any expectations…the pure joy of helping someone."

If you feel inspired to give some free time or to get involved with one of the many DMCC programs, please give a call 858 792-7565.



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