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Fair Pay
Scott Huth | Del Mar City Manager and Pat Vergne | Community Services Director and Chief Lifeguard

Lifeguards Adaptive Sports Day. Photos Art Olson.
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On July 21, 2014, the City Council adopted changes to the compensation plan for part-time, temporary, and hourly employees. These changes were meant to aid the City inretaining and recruiting qualified staff that consistently provides high levels of service to residents and visitors by offering financially reasonable,competitive, and fair compensation. Some of the changes included: (1) updates to the salary schedule for part-time positions to a 12-step salary schedule and included certain wage increases to bring salaries in line with the market; (2) revised the timeframe for evaluations and salary adjustments based on performance; (3) authorized holiday pay at one and half times(1.5x) the normal hourly rate for all hours worked on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day for Student Lifeguards, Seasonal Lifeguard I – III, Seasonal Worker I – III (Beach Maintenance and Parking Enforcement); and (4) created two new classifications for Seasonal Lifeguard III and Seasonal Parking Enforcement Officer III to provide a clear advancement plan for applicable staff. These changes correct a 16-year deficiency in compensation adjustments wherein part-time employees’ salaries did not adjust when full-time employee salaries were adjusted. Our Part-time employees are the backbone to providing those services that are affected by high seasonal demand. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.



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