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Ice Detective
Luana Karr | DMTV

Producer & Host Larry Jones (left) with guest Dr. Jeff Severinghaus on the set of Ice Detective.
Photo courtesy Luana Karr.
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Severe Drought, flash floods, cold snowy winters, signs of a changing climate are all around us. But what is causing this seemingly rapid change? Is it just a sign of our evolving planet or is it “global warming” and what part does mankind play in this? If you watch Ice Detective on Del Mar TV, you might gain some insight to this growing problem.

Community producer, Larry Jones, engaged Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) Dr. Jeff Severinghaus to help viewers understand some of the changes that are occurring to our climate. Dr. Severinghaus runs a group of scientists that deploy to Greenland and Antarctica to capture and analyze deep, ancient ice cores.

Larry stated “while planning the show, we gathered images from his lab in La Jolla and actual work sites in Antarctica and reviewed dozens of scientific journal articles, it was a year in the making."

The crew on the show really enjoyed working with Dr. Severinghaus, a world-renowned expert, in this field, along with his wife Dr. Lynne Talley. Dr. Severinghaus and his team has performed extensive research in Greenland and in the Antarctic, over seeing the construction of a “rapid access ice drill” to explore the three-dimensional interior of the Antarctic Ice sheet. This allows scientists to reach the bed of the ice sheet in a few days, instead of the typical three to five years needed for a deep ice core.

Dr. Jeff Severinghaus is the recipient of the 2011 Claire C. Patterson Medalist of the Geochemical Society, an award given annually for a breakthrough in environmental geochemistry. “ Dr. Severinghaus surprised us during production”, says Larry, “adding unexpected insight into past abrupt climate changes.”
The show “Ice Detective” can been seen in September on Del Mar TV and also on our Vimeo online channel.


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