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Historical House Hunting
Lynn Gaylord | Beach Front

Proposed Seagrove Park location.
Photo courtesy DMHS.  Click on image to enlarge.


For the last umpteen years, the Alvarado House has been temporarily stored at the Fairgrounds and open to the public only during the 3 weeks of the Fair. This wonderful old piece of Del Mar history needs a permanent home. It’s time to bring it back to Del Mar!

Since its donation to the Del Mar Historical Society and placement on the fairgrounds, people from all over the county, and beyond, have loved seeing this little gem of history. Kids of all ages have to ask what that thing in the corner is with a mouthpiece and separate ear piece. It is of course the operator’s telephone switchboard. We tell them about later on with party lines and they can’t believe it. You can imagine their disbelief when they come to the old original typewriters! “What did they do?” they ask.

So where can we place this beautiful little piece of history for all to enjoy year round? Is there a dual purpose for it to serve? Might the cottage be a place where visitors interested in our history or town gather good information? Could it serve as a Visitor Information Center? Maybe we tout a “historic district” down in the Seagrove Park area with our beautiful Powerhouse, Honeymoon Cottage, and Train Station as anchors. Is there a way to tuck it unobtrusively on the southern end of Seagrove Park and maybe even have an ADA bathroom for visitors to the park? The park sure needs one.

Do you have any thoughts? The Del Mar Historical Society would love to hear from you. Please email your thoughts to info@delmarhistoricalsociety.org. We want to hear from you!



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