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City Hall plus ... ?
Kathy Garcia | Planning and Community Development Director

Del Mar City Hall. Photo Bill Morris.
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Save the date! Join your neighbors for a lively discussion at the next City Hall Community Workshop. It will be held on October 27, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers and address various conceptual options developed for the property.

Over the last year, the City Council and many community participants have weighed in on the needs, the preferred site, and the financing capacity to improve the City Hall complex. This effort begins the implementation of the City Council goal, developed with much public participation, to address the aging facilities. After analysis of public and private properties, the community, through survey and workshops, determined to replace the City Hall at its current 1050 Camino del Mar location.

The community workshops, along with professional assistance, determined that the necessary municipal buildings should include:

• A City Hall with adequate room for public counter space, lobby, conference rooms and public restrooms.
• A Town Hall for 100 people, with Council Chambers, TV Studio, community meeting rooms and Del Mar TV.
• A large, 15,000 square foot plaza for events, such as the Farmer’s Market.
However, it was also determined that the site at 1050 Camino del Mar has more land area than is needed for these municipal uses. Community participants at the June workshop suggested:
• Adding flexible space for cultural uses, such as exhibits or events;
• Additional public parking to reduce the residential parking impact and provide more Village parking;
• Commercial retail and restaurants to bring vitality to the plaza and the block; and
• Residential units to help enliven the area.

The municipal uses of a City Hall, Town Hall and plaza can potentially be combined with one or more of the other land uses, or the excess land may be saved for future development at a later time. These options are now being explored with an architect, and will be discussed first at the September 15th City Council meeting and again at a Community Workshop scheduled for October 27th at 6:00 PM. All are urged to come and voice your opinions.

Detailed information, the prior reports and background data can be found at: www.delmar.ca.us/cityhall or by calling (858)755-9313.



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