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Whither Watermark
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


The proposed Watermark Residential Neighborhood on Jimmy Durante Boulevard is now moving into the review and decision process. In July the City Council unanimously approved a Specific Planning Process. Quoting from the staff report

“As part of the formal process, the applicant will conduct a Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) as required by the Del Mar Municipal Code (DMCC). Because of the complexity of the issues, the applicant has agreed to conduct three additional public workshops for community engagement on key issues during the process. In addition to the public hearings, Planning Commission and Design Review Board interim presentations are proposed to elicit early feedback during the process. The formal approvals will be maintained, with Planning Commission, Design Review and City Council hearings at the process’ conclusion. The final action of Specific Plan approval rests with the City Council. The final action of Local Coastal Program Amendment rests with the Coastal Commission.“

In a Sandpiper interview the two applicants, Don Glatthorn and Tony Cassolato summarized what they have been doing in preparation for the extensive review process:

“Over the past few months we have continued to carefully evaluate the project with the following considerations in mind:

  • Compatibility with the community character which we believe is a timeless coastal architectural theme.
  • Site planning of the proper layout and spacing of structures which create open landscaped courtyards.
  • Working with the city staff on technical studies which address pedestrian linkage, hydrology, flood plain, parking and circulation issues.
    Completion of a 3D computer model which will be included in a future website as part of our community outreach.
  • Touring and studying similar properties for functionality, character, parking and courtyard design.
  • Making adjustments based on public input received at the community open house and in discussions with a number of citizens.”

Glathorn and Cassolato say “we are determined to create a new neighborhood of the highest quality. Maintaining the community character is a primary goal of our team. We constantly ask ourselves if this is a place we would want to live ourselves.”



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