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Voter Affiliation 2012 vs 2014

In 2012 there were 3159 registered voters in Del Mar. Of these voters 34.63% were registered Republicans, 34.28% registered Democrats and 26.72% were not affiliated with any party. In 2014 as of the end of July there are 3042 registered voters, with 34.35% Democrats, 33.93% Republican and 27.19% not affiliated with any party. The next largest party affiliation is the American Independent Party with 94 in 2012 and 90 in 2014. Many people believe that this is the party of the “independents” but it is actually the party that was begun by George Wallace in 1968 as a segregationist party. There are 25 registered Libertarians in 2014 up from 19 and the number of Greens has gone from 12 to 9.



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