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Election Settled:
Worden and Sinnott appointed

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Terry Speaks

I am very proud of the progress the City has made over the past four years. We are healthy financially.

We have completed some major construction projects, including the Lifeguard Safety Center, the North Torrey Pines Bridge, and the sidewalks in the Beach Colony. Our working relationship with the Fairgrounds has improved. And we are underway with new plans for a City Hall.

My work during my term on the Council has achieved positive results. We undergrounded the utilities at 4th Street and CDM. The Finance Committee has made major contributions in developing a policy for reducing the City’s pension liability, in forecasting the City’s long term financial health, and in analyzing the costs of our current Sheriff contract. I have led efforts to get more community involvement in the establishment of the Double Track Advisory Committee, and the Business Support Advisory Committee. I have introduced [a] pay-for-performance [policy] for our City Manager. I have strengthened our advocacy of Del Mar issues in Sacramento and in regional forums such as SANDAG.

But there is a lot remaining to be done. The City must improve the working conditions of our City Staff, and build a City Hall that reflects the high standards and uniqueness of Del Mar.

The Community has an opportunity to create a Master Plan for the Shores Park. Del Mar can contract for better policing of our downtown and neighborhoods. And the City should work to continually improve the delivery of services to our residents.

On August 20th the City Council cancelled the election. That was a big disappointment for me.

Now, instead of your vote, I ask that you provide your input to the Council. It is so important that all our residents get involved in shaping how these improvements will be implemented. That way Del Mar can move forward together.




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