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Election Settled:
Worden and Sinnott appointed

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Dwight Speaks

I am excited to be your councilmember elect, but this will be the third election cycle in a row in Del Mar without a contested election and that’s not healthy for keeping elected officials in touch with constituents, so I plan to address that by reaching out to you as though there were a contested election.

What do you like, and dislike, about Del Mar? What are your views on the City Hall project? Parking and traffic? The city staff? The council? Watermark? What else is on your mind? I may not always agree with you, but I promise I will listen.

I will also share my thoughts, keep you updated on city doings, get you accurate information when you need it, and keep you informed. That way, we can work together for the betterment of Del Mar. That’s the way we have achieved our major successes—Seagrove Park, Powerhouse Park, the library, the Shores acquisition, open-space protection. That’s the “Del Mar way,”-- open, transparent, and collaborative community building with elected officials, residents, and businesses working together. So, look for me--I’ll be walking the town, sending you a mailer or two and doing what I can to keep my ear to the ground. I’m not for spending time or money to no avail but this feels right to me.

You can read about my history with Del Mar, my philosophy, about my background as an environmental and city attorney, and you can contact me on my website (www.dwightworden.com), email me at dwight@dwightworden.com, reach me on Facebook, or call me at (619) 977-4700.

I love Del Mar’s small village atmosphere and consider it a privilege to live here. I want to work with you to keep what we love about our town and to improve what can be made better.




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