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Political Scuttlebutt
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Two seats on the Del Mar City Council will be filled by voters in November. Those seats are now held by Terry Sinnott and Mayor Lee Haydu. Haydu has let it be known that she will not run for re-election for personal reasons. Sinnott has indicated his intention to run for re-election. Because one incumbent has decided not to run, the filing date will be extended to August 13.

Other potential candidates are considering running. One certain candidate is long time resident Dwight Worden. Worden has an excellent state-wide reputation as an expert in environmental and municipal law.

Nate McCay, DMCC President has been urged by some to run. Some are urging Shirley King to run. There is sentiment in town that we need someone from a younger generation to step up, high on their list is Nicole Holliday. Other names rumored on the street are Sharon Hilliard and Robin Crabtree.

All five of Del Mar’s Council were elected without facing any opposition. Because we have not had any election campaigns for eight years, many in the community believe that a contested election would be an important way to get citizens involved in conversations about current and future issues.
Interested citizens can learn how to file one’s candidacy on the city website at www.delmar.ca.us.



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